Family room revamp

When you own a twenty year old home there is always something to improve, new projects to tackle or not so fun necessities like a new roof.  My recent family room project came up suddenly due to a disastrous wine stain.  This was the latest in many wine stains over the years and to make matters worse I wasn’t around to clean it which left the husband to cope.  I’m sure he looked like a deer in headlights and his temporary solution was to place a coloured tea towel over top of the stain to let it sit overnight.  When I saw it the next morning I’m sure I looked at it like someone was just shot and I was witnessing the aftermath.  The once red wine stain was not only red but also a mouldy green colour from the tea towel soaking into the carpet.  I have always regretted the wall to wall carpet decision and it seems as though I have been constantly reminded of that bad choice everyday since then!  What was I thinking??  Oh right, two babies with soft delicate skin and how much they would enjoy playing and sitting on a soft carpet.  My design instincts were blinded by my mommy brain so now I can finally say goodbye to the carpet and hello hardwood floors.  Now that we are putting in new floors this of course has prompted a major overall.  We have decided to move all the existing family room furniture up to the kids games room.  The kids are older and they spend more time in the games room watching movies etc..   It’s now mostly my husband and I that hang out and watch tv in this room so it gives me an opportunity to rethink how I want to use the space and what will be the best set up for us.  I am playing around with the idea of not using a sofa at all and instead to go with two larger scaled chairs and a couple other side chairs or benches for company.  I want it to feel casual and comfortable, somewhere to curl up and read a book, have a cup of coffee or veg out and watch tv.  I would love your opinion on this, have you ever thought of using a space in your home in a completely different way other than what it is intended? Or choosing furniture that doesn’t fit into what is considered the norm for a space in your home?

This is what started it all, take note of the green coloration, pretty right?  It is somewhat comical that a wine stain has snowballed into a new family room.  I know, I have a gift, shhhhh…..don’t tell the husband;)

Goodbye carpet

Hello new family room

Chairs- Restoration Hardware

Rug- Rugs USA

Console- unknown

Lamps- Circa Who

Side tables- Crate and Barrel

Ottomans- Urban Barn

Throw pillows- Arianna Belle

Accessories- High Street Market



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  1. Sarah says:

    Nice stuff indeed, and you shared some creative ideas hope it will work for me to improve my home decor.

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